Join us for Beginners and Intermediate dance classes. Meet new friends, stay fit, exercise your brain and enjoy fantastic music in a relaxed environment. Join the JIve Cats and enjoy social dancing with great music from DJ Rhythm Hound. We teach beginners the classic 6-beat pattern before adding slick shapes, flashier styling and rhythmic variations.

The venue is Pinewood Leisure Centre's Bar & Cafe on Old Wokingham Road RG40 3AQ.

Classes and Practice

7.45 Level 2 Jive Dance Class
This first part of the evening is for more experienced dancers who have already taken one of our introductory offers. It is designed to add extra flash and fresh ideas to keep your dancing moving forward. Stick around for the rest of the evening to polish your skills, gain plenty of practice, enjoy the social atmosphere and gain some extra coaching.
8.30 Level 1 Jive Dance Class
Kick off your dancing with some fun Jive basics. We have regular start dates for new beginners to join us and offer a discounted 4-week intro - see below. Stay for the practice session and get some more help from the teachers, Debra and John.
9.15 to 10.15 Social Practice Dance
An hour of freestyle practice. Pace yourself, spend some time chatting and enjoying the music, get a few tips from your teachers, meet some new friends. Cafe and Bar available.

Introductory Offer for New Beginners
Beginners can book one of our frequent 4-week introductory Level 1 offers - just £15 for your first 4 weeks. See below for on-line bookings. This covers you from 8.30 to 10.15 for your first 4 week block. Design to teach you from scratch these are a great way to take your first dance lessons.
Here are some of our regular start dates for you to join us: 8 Jan, 5 Feb, 4 Mar.
Level 1 Price
£5 per week 8.30 to 10.15 cash,. You can start this class on one of our start dates: you can pay-as-you-go or get a free week by pre-booking an introductory offer which save you £5 on the cost of your first 4-week block of dance classes. Before too long it's worth thinking about coming earlier for the Level 2 session.
Level 2 Price - The Full Ticket
The standard cost is £8 per week, pay-as-you go. This covers you for both dance classes and social practice from 7.45 to 10.15.

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Book one of 2020 our discounted 4-week Intro to Jive courses

Pick a Wednesday course by start date

Rockin' and Rollin' was a theme of Rhythm & Blues lyrics well before DJ Alan Freed popularised the term to describe the up-tempo blend of popular musical influences which broke through into the new teenage market...headlined in the media by Elvis Presley.

Dancing to Rock 'n' Roll comes in various forms. Smooching, Strolling, Jiving and Bopping. The Jive scene is very sociable, whether you are dancing a few basic shapes or pushing the boundaries of movement, musicality and partnering. Jive is the most accessible form of swing dancing: you can strip back to the basics of the dance to cope with high tempos and you can be endlessly playful when the bouncing beat drops into a gentler tempo.

We offer a range of dance venues across Berkshire:

Reading Rock 'n' Roll - info on live band events here
Jive Cats - class info here

Anyone can Jive and everyone should try it. Beginner or expert it doesn't matter because it's a dance that is all about having fun to great music. The 1950s brought lots of new inventions, including teenagers and rock 'n' roll. Times move on but the spirit of freedom remains.

Dancing may be one of the most amazing things that you ever try. It grabs some people instantly while it sneaks up on others before carrying them off to new highs. Not only is it a great laugh and a manageable form of exercise, it is also shown to improve your mind too, boosting mood, mental faculties, balance, etc.

With teaching experience dating back to 1991 you are in excellent hands with Debra and John as your coaches. Trained in a wide range of dance styles they will share their understanding and passion in equal measure.

We can guide you step by step to develop your dancing, with options to suit your current capability and always with the vital ingredient of fun.

Check out our wide range of events across Berkshire specialising in Jive and Swing.

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